Kawasmi Trading & Land Transportion Co.

Land Transportation:

  • Pepsico: One of KTLT’s main clients since 1990.  Pepsico has been utilizing around 15 trucks per day shuttling from their factory to various distribution centers around Jordan.
  • LJC – Lafarge:  Since 1960, KTLT has been distributing bulk and bagged cement for LJC to all cities around Jordan in addition to exporting cement and clinker worldwide via Aqaba.
  • Jordan India Fertilizer Company (JIFCO): Since 1997, KTLT has been transporting daily around 650 tons of phosphoric acid in specialized tankers from JPMC’s plant (Jordan Phosphate Mining Company) in Al-Shaidiyyeh to their storage facility in Aqaba for export purposes.  JIFCO is 100 per cent owned by JPMC.


  • Pozzolana:  In the 1980’s, KTLT undertook the mining of Pozzolana for LJC – Lafarge in the north eastern area of Jordan.  KTLT excavated around 5,000 tons of Pozzolana per day and transported the quantities to LJC’s plants in Al-Fuhais and Al-Rashadiyah
  • Gypsum:  KTLT undertook the excavation and transporting of Gypsum for LJC – Lafarge from two different locations in order to service LJC’s two factories.  The first is from Al-Subehi located in the greater Salt area in which KTLT excavated and transported around 600MT of Gypsum per day to LJC’s Al Fuhais plant and the second location is in Al-Tafileh servicing Al-Rashadiyah plant in which around 500MT of Gypsum was excavated and transported.  In both locations, the Gypsum was cut to size in accordance with the customer’s requirements. 

Yokohama Trading:
The company imports and distributes tires for passenger cars, light trucks, trucks and buses.  Today the company has three branches around Jordan:  Mohatta branch, Al-Bayader and Aqaba branches.


Scania Trading:

KTLT is currently using different types of Scania trucks for its own transportation business and tries as much as possible to sell Scania trucks to transport companies in Jordan and participate in local tenders.


Logistics and Management Support:

KTLT has the know-how and the capability to solve logistical problems to satisfy and meet customers’ needs.  As an example, in 2013 KTLT assisted LJC when it imported Petcoke in 1 metric ton jumbo bags by offloading the bags using special equipment, cranes and forklifts then transporting them from Tafileh to LJC’s storage facility in Rashadiyah

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