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Founder: Haj Ishaq Kawasmi (1920-2010)

A self-made man, Haj Ishaq Kawasmi was born in Jerusalem in 1920. His long career started in a very small market during difficult times. He dealt with different types of businesses including general merchandise and transportation eventually expanding and building a large network in the region.  

In the early 1940’s he began his transportation journey with two six ton trucks enabling him to transport more merchandise from one place to another. In 1947, he came to Jordan with six trucks. During the next twenty years (1950 – 1970) his fleet expanded to 50 trucks ranging from flat beds to tippers, trailers, cement silos…etc.  He also became a regional trader for Mercedes Benz and mining business took off as well. 

Due to the political situation during the 1970’s – 1990’s, transportation demand soared in the region – Jordan being in a strategic transit location.  The trading business expanded to supply Syria, Iraq, The Gulf Region, Lebanon and Egypt with various types of vehicles and trailers. The local transportation company’s fleet had seen an increase in the number of vehicles to reach around 700 trucks and different type of trailers and tankers. Mining also expanded due to high demand for raw materials of cement. Consequently the company became one of the most reputable and reliable Land Transport Companies locally and regionally.

A philanthropist at heart, Haj Ishaq always gave back to the community and had a personal relationship with everyone. He would also share his professional experiences with others hoping to benefit them and help them thrive in their own businesses. There is hardly any local that doesn’t know of him or know a few stories about his charitable attitude.

His charismatic leadership and entrepreneurial spirit made Haj Ishaq Kawasmi a household name and cemented the path for KTLT to be the success it is today.


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